Cecil Ingram Properties

By using a GLOBAL APPROACH in our Asset Management, we help you indentify RISKS you don't even know you have.

Most owners and maintenance personnel don't see the GLOBAL need to properly maintain a property and its systems. They may not realize a minor leak could lead to extensive damage and significant cost next year, which can lead to any of the following: unbudgeted, capital repair, lawsuit, loss of tenants, legal fees, unhappy investors, and decreased property value.

If your staff were able to look at their job as a critical function, it can benefit them and you.

By properly maintaining a property, they can increase life expectancy of the property and building systems. By acheiving this, your employees increase their value to you.

Cecil Ingram Properties collaborates with your company and on-site staff by evaluating each property for specific Risk Assessments, Progression of Damage, Energy Audit Savings, Ad-Valorum Tax Savings, Preventative Maintenance Programs, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems, Building Envelope Inspections, and more.

Upon completion of the initial site inspection, additional follow-up visits are available. Let us help you ensure the value of your investments by supervising implementation of in-house Preventative Maintenance Programs and implement proper training for all on-site personnel. It is critical that once a company utilizes our services, and recommendations are made, that they are implemented and followed up on, or your company is missing the Global Approach too. You can look at a property and write reports, but if nothing is followed through on, you are not increasing the value of your assets. You're putting band-aids on problems.

Services Offered

      Pre-Development Planning
      Re-Development Planning
      Real Estate Brokerage
      Property Management
      Troubled Asset Management
      Owner Representation
      Homeowner Association Management
      Value Engineering
       Trouble Shooting
      Tax Valuation Appeals

Areas of Experience

      Historical Tax Credits
      Protective Covenants
      Association Management
      Mixed Use Development
      Maintenance (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)
      Construction (Residential and Commercial)
      Security (Contracted and In-House)
      Waste Water Management
      Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
      Sales Management
      Private Club Management
      Hospitality Services
      Conservation Easements